Christmas Dinner 2019

Thursday, 19th December 2019
Image: christmas-dinner-2019

Author: Deborah McAleese is a final year student and a member of the student committee.


This year the Irish Baptist College Christmas Dinner was held on Thursday 12th December. This is a night when students and their families can meet one another and enjoy some fellowship and banter along with the staff over some good food. The dinner is organised and provided by the students and this year many different people contributed, bringing lots of delicious home-cooked meals. There was a wide selection to choose from including mango chicken, chilli con carne and bean stew, along with potatoes courtesy of our in-house French chef Laetitia. There was an even larger variety of desserts (thanks to all who supplied them) and lots of second helpings to go around. This year Jurriën, Elizabeth and Lydia decorated the canteen with fairy lights, table ornaments and even a photo booth. While there was an abundance of Christmas jumpers on display, it was Richard Donnan’s that won first prize in our jumper competition. He was only outshone by David Sandall’s Christmas outfit, complete with illuminated Christmas trousers which also earned an award. All in all, it was a great evening. There were almost 50 of us and it was lovely to enjoy time with each other in the midst of the Christmas rush and essay deadlines, and to meet one another’s families and see the children playing together. Thanks to everyone who contributed the various dishes and desserts, many of us left with doggie bags and were able to continue eating into the weekend.

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