If you are considering any kind of ministry, or if you just want to grow deeper in the truths of the Bible, this course is the perfect place to start

Thomas Harpur

Why study at the Irish Baptist College?

If you are convinced of the necessity for theological training, why do it at the Irish Baptist College?

Students of the College benefit from a long and illustrious history. The Irish Baptist College was established in Dublin in 1892 by Hugh D. Brown who had close connections with Charles H. Spurgeon, the renowned Baptist preacher in London at that time. In 1964 the College moved to Belfast before relocating to Moira in 2003. Courses provided by the College have been accredited since the 1970s. Graduates of the College are currently located across the globe in a variety of ministry scenarios.

In addition to its history, students will also benefit from its location. The College is located in Moira which offers a semi-rural, secluded, quiet and peaceful setting in which to study. It is however just a couple of minutes away from the motorway and is therefore easily accessible from all parts of the island. The building is modern with excellent facilities, including accommodation, numerous classrooms, and a library hosting more than 13,000 volumes.

Of course, students do not study alone and the sense of community is a prominent feature of College life. As a comparatively smaller student body there is opportunity to develop lasting friendships with fellow students. This sense of community is further fostered by regular devotional and prayer times as an integral part of the weekly schedule.

All of these benefits are supplemented by the faculty, comprised of tutors who are both academically qualified and have extensive experience of ministry in a variety of contexts. This provides a teaching environment that is both academically rigorous and vocationally focused. 

In summary: the College stands on a long and illustrious history, is based in an idyllic setting for study, offers a compelling community, and boasts an excellent faculty. For these reasons you should consider completing theological training at the Irish Baptist College.

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