...lecturers have a real depth of knowledge in their topic and challenge you to think about what God is saying through His word.

Alex Boyd

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One advantage of our relatively small size (up to 50 full-time students) is that each student is guaranteed individual attention and pastoral care. The College intentionally fosters this family feel. It is also committed to the absolute authority of Scripture and to the outworking of all matters of faith and practice within a purely evangelical framework.


The demands on those involved in Christian ministry have never been greater. Students in training require a programme that develops a deeper knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. In addition they need to learn the practical skills essential to sustain a long-term ministry in whatever setting they are called to. Our major undergraduate (UG) route is the 'Preparation for Ministry' course which aims to give students the key building blocks to enable them to be better equipped to minister.


As well as offering a comprehensive programme of undergraduate courses, students may also continue their theological studies at postgraduate level at the College.

The MTh is an ideal route for those wishing to continue their professional development in a ministry role. The MTh has both taught and research elements enabling the practitioner to develop in the areas of ministry in which he or she serves. For those who desire to investigate doctoral please make contact with us directly.

Christian Education Courses

It may be that you do not wish to follow a course which leads to a university qualification. If so, perhaps one of our other courses would be more suited to your needs and circumstances. All of these courses can, if you so choose, lead to Christian Education qualifications.

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