...I have been challenged and encouraged through my time at LSF as well as the added bonus of making really good friends...

Lorraine Young

Who We Are

The Irish Baptist College was founded in Dublin in 1892 by Hugh D. Brown who had close connections with Charles H. Spurgeon, the renowned Baptist preacher in London at that time. It is the Training College of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland. IBC is renowned for excellence in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, achieving high academic standards from our students, and providing them with careful Biblical and Theological study and research.

Our student body comprises approximately 50 undergraduate students and 30 postgraduate students. In addition there are almost 100 students studying Christian Education Courses. Strong links are maintained with churches in the Association and with missionary organisations who offer placement opportunities for students. The faculty has extensive ministry experience.

The College exists primarily to serve the needs of our own churches and missions department. We also welcome students from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds and we provide courses for those who wish to concentrate on Pastoral, Missions, Youth, Children’s or Women’s ministry.

Our Mission

Magnifying Christ. Advancing the gospel. Strengthening the church.

Our Values

The Irish Baptist College is:

  • Conservative (affirming the inerrancy of Scripture)
  • Evangelical (passionate about the gospel)
  • Baptistic (unashamed of Baptist Principles as directed by Scripture)

Our Motto

Domine Sequor [Lord, I follow]

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