Mission and the twenty-first century local church

Thursday, 10th May 2018 07:30 Moira Baptist Church

Dr Sills will present some of the challenges of change that are facing missionaries and ministers of the Gospel and provide a blueprint for faithfully navigating them to maximum faithfulness and Kingdom impact. From his extensive experience as a missions practitioner, missions professor, and missions agency president he will examine the following:

1. Churches must be proactive in the ways in which they engage change as a part of their ministry context.

2. We cannot resist change, thus we must look for ways in which change can further our ministry even as we preserve the unchanging message within it.

3. We must trust God with the forces of change while being creative and innovative as we meet them

4. Churches must be aware of the world today in order to engage all peoples in this 21st century in ways that are wise and effective.

Image: mission-and-the-twentyfirst-century-local-church
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